Top 6 Reasons Why Am I Gaining Weight While Working Out

Working out is quite hard for everyone here are some top reasons why you’re gaining weight while working out. If you are tensed that you are gaining weight even after work out, no need to get panic.
Firstly, note that gaining weight while working out doesn’t occur to everybody. Yet, in the event that it’s going on, at that point don’t stress. It’s typical. When you want to lose weight, you need to burn out more calories than you are taking in. Here is what you need to understand, why you are still gaining weight while working out?


There are many factors that can influence on your weight and workout. When you start working out, your body normally retain water. The first main reason of gain weight could be because your body is retaining water. It can be frustrating but temporary. In early exercise, inflammation or small tears takes place in your muscle fibers. This is called micro-trauma. Give some time to heal your body and let it adjust in the new routine. But the main key is to keep calm and continue. Drink plenty of water and focus on healthy juices.


Your food choices play a major role in increasing or decreasing your weight. Maintaining a proper diet is important. Avoid eating fried and sugary foods, it would help in losing weight quickly. Your favorite food is the biggest hurdle between you and your weight loss. Try to replace unhealthy snacks with fruits, vegetables, seeds and other healthy food options. Protein rich foods help in keeping you full for long. According to a dietitian, Lisa Richards “Simple Eating More Good-For-You Foods Can Kick Off A Weight Loss Journey.”


Losing weight is not an easy process like gaining. You won’t see quick outcomes. You may be putting on weight from working out, don’t stop. Give some time to your body to accept this workout changes. Workout provides countless physical and mental benefits. It helps in increasing energy and improve your fitness level. Wait a couple of weeks and then start measuring your weight. Stay connected to your fitness routine and soon you’ll see the results.


Many people put on muscles more easily as compare to others. If you are gaining muscles easily by just doing easy exercise in gym then consider yourself lucky. Because when you put on your muscles, you are more likely to increase on the scale which means you are losing fat while gaining muscles. Don’t get discouraged by the numbers on the scale. Healthy body and fitness is more important. If you are trying to improve your fitness then ignore the scale. Gaining weight while working out is effective, but you need to check on your food habits to see weight loss results. Belly fat is the major part. At whatever point you consider weight reduction, the main thing that comes in your mind is getting a toned belly. Losing belly fat is an eminent way to improve your health. Running and walking are two best exercises to lose belly fat. Keep warming up and cool down.


Fitness is important but you also have to look at your sleeping pattern and other lifestyle habits. For many people sleeping is a big problem. If you are not getting enough sleep then the hormones in your body keeps in charge of regulating your hunger levels and these cravings can easily effects your workout. The quality of your sleep effects that how likely you are ready for the workout of the next day. Try to get efficient hours of sleep and stay dedicated to your fitness routine. To keep your body fit is a good thing but don’t put yourself under stress. If you focus your exercise or gym routine more than your other lifestyle patterns, balance will be lost. Don’t work out beyond your limits.


Use of supplements may also cause weight gain after working out. Usually trained athletes consume supplement beverages after exercise or gym, which contains carbohydrates. It helps to restore muscles glycogen and in this process body retains water. Also depends on the supplements. There are many types of supplements, some can cause weight gain but some cannot. Choose wisely, it depends on your fitness goals and exercise program.
Give priority to the real fitness over the numbers on the scale. If you have already measured yourself and realizing that it’s going in wrong direction then counsel a certified coach or an enrolled dietitian.

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