Gym Closed? These Are the Best Home Workout Options.

As we all know about the pandemic situation of Covid-19 this year. In this time where all the gym are closed, it’s necessary to maintain at least 6 feet of distance, indeed exercise from home offers the safest workout. Moreover, to keep yourself fit and active, there are still many ways without gyms and exercise studios. Inactive behavior and low levels of physical activities can have negative effects on your body. Importantly, Self-Quarantine can also cause additional stress so it’s necessary to protect your health during this quarantine time.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 75 minutes of physical activity per week. However, It can also be achieved at home with limited types of equipment and less space. Following are some best exercises while you are social distancing.


It’s normal to experience stress in quarantine but it can easily be brought under control. Breathing deeply boost your oxygen, slow down your nervous system and helps you calm down. Whenever you want to reduce your blood pressure and release the stress, try to take deep breaths. Furthermore, Try to take rest and sleep well. No one can ever underestimate the power of sleep.

Yoga Practicing

We need to continue to adjust to our new normal in the lock-down. You may have seen “Yoga with Adriene” one of the biggest yoga channels by Adriene Mishler. She leads free and easy sessions with simple poses. Moreover, she has challenges such as 30 days of yoga or poses for specific needs like chronic pains, aches, and cramps. Try and tune into what feels good for you.

YouTube Workouts

There are a lot of YouTube channels with a variety of free workouts. YouTube fitness channels are new workouts. Videos are free to watch and offer a huge variety of exercises, aerobics, Boot-camp, and many more. You can follow “The Fitness Marshall” for dance moves that help you break a sweat and have fun doing it. “Popsugar Fitness” for HIIT workouts. This channel is divided into many categories. Resultantly, you can find what you are looking for. One of the best fitness channels is “Blogilates”, a popular channel with 5.5 million subscribers.

Long Lean Muscles

We live in a society that loves to look smart. People often complaining about bulky thighs. “Long lean muscles” became a popular marketing scheme targeted toward women who were afraid of ‘Bulking Up'” says Pamela Geisel, an exercise physiologist. You cannot change the length of your muscles and all muscles are lean. On the other hand, focus on large, compound exercises like squats, dead-lifts, pull-ups. If you like barre, Pilates and other exercises that claim to give you long lean muscles, try them.

Take A Walk

Daily walking reduces the risk of heart diseases, strengthening bones and muscles. Walking for only 30 minutes per day can make a difference. Therefore, walk is necessary but maintaining six feet distance is also required.

Stay Motivated

Its difficult to keep motivation up all the time in the normal routine rather it helps to maintain the sense of schedule. Consequently, make a schedule for a home workout whenever your energy level is at peak. Moreover, take a break during your workday and exercise for a few minutes. By nature, our body needs to change variety to stay motivated. Add those exercises to your home workout which you truly enjoy.

Basic Workout Equipment

For home workout, here are some of the basic equipments. Buy a jumping rope. A jumping rope workout can be fun and simultaneously, it’s the best challenging way to get in your cardio when you have to stay in one place. Dumbbells are easy to buy. Take positive steps to become healthier and strong with effective home workouts.

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