Faster Way to Fat Loss, Running Far or Running Fast?

If you are thinking about the faster way to fat loss and to get fit, Running far is better or running fast is better? The answer is not so easy. You need to burn more calories than you consume and it takes many efforts from specific diets to a variety of exercise. If you are prioritizing running for weight loss, you need to choose in slower, longer runs or faster, shorter runs. Both are effective but you have to choose the most effective one to meet your weight loss goals.

Running Far to Burn Calories

A running coach, Chris Coggins says, ”Long-distance runs are great for building up your endurance and improving overall cardiovascular health. If you’re training for an event like a 5K or a half-marathon, most of your training will be at a steady-state pace. You will burn fewer calories per minute, but you’re working for more minutes, so the total calorie burn can add up.” Indeed, slower runs are easier and they have the benefit of a quick recovery. But science over running far and slow is that it won’t work for a bunch of reasons. When we go far and slow, we don’t use carbohydrates because we don’t need much energy. And on the other hand, we use carbs when we go to harder intensities because getting energy from carbohydrates is a rapid process and it is the faster way to fat loss.

Running Fast to Burn Calories

It’s quite easy to understand that if you run fast, the more calories you burn. And when you burn more calories, the more weight you lose. According to Coggins, ”If you’re able to increase your speed over a certain duration, then your calorie burns increases significantly and it is the faster way to fat loss. If you weigh 150 pounds and run 6 miles per hour (a 10-minute mile pace), you can burn 680 calories in one hour according to the MyFitnessPal exercise calculator. If you increase your pace to 8 miles per hour (a 7.5-minute mile), you can burn 919 calories in the same amount of time.” Not everyone can run fast unless you’re a runner. However, if you increase your speed, you’ll need to decrease duration.

Above all, if you have time, then go for running far. By the same token mix up your workouts. It keeps your body from getting used to the routine as well. In short go for both, running far and running fast at regular intervals. Running far will improve your speed, even on the days when you are training for distance while running fast will help you to build muscles and it has the benefit of taking less time to complete your workout. Undoubtedly, both of these are good for health and weight loss.

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